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Welcome to the South Africa Pistachio Growers Association. Founded in 2019, it was formed to represent the growers of pistachio nuts within South Africa, and to assist and guide in the establishment and expansion of this industry.

The association aims brings together all the current and previous role-players of the industry and should be the starting point for anyone that wish to get involve growing pistachios within South Africa.  

For more information about the association or an interest in pistachios, please see our Contact Us page.

The Association is also a member of The Nut Working Group

Founding Members:

A Müller, C Coetzee, K Coetzee, D Müller, K Snyman

Association Directors:

Growers: C Coetzee, D Müller

Special: A Müller, K Snyman

Associate: K Coetzee



To apply for membership, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

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